Frequently asked questions

Do I need to wear sport cloths?

Well, just don't wear a tuxedo. Cloths should be comfortable to squat or jump for example.

Are street shoes fine?

Yes, as soon as the're convenient and clean. During the winter season we're kindly asking you to take a spare part of shoues with you. You can pick up a key for the dressing room on a reception desk.

I'm wearing glasses. Should I keep them on or better use contact lenses?

The core of the JetZone team usess glasses as well. So we select our equipment to make it always as comfortable to wear with glasses as possible. For sure, contact lenses are also good option.

Could I bring JetZone Experience to my corporate event or patry?

You company is located in Vienna and you are looking for an extraordinary entertainment for your teambuilding or party? Want to spice up your corporate event so your employees and colleagues would remember it for a long time? You got it! We offer corporate party services either in one of our locations or on the customer's premises ( a large empty space area required, please contact us for more details). Whether you are a 6 people startup, a 10+ people growing business, or a 50 people corporate department - we got you covered. It can be in the form of a challenge, a tournament, or it can have a “just for fun” format. Please contact us for more details.


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