No matter whether you are alone, with friends, colleagues, or your better half - we have an experience for different tastes and skills. Escape the real world together - beat challenges, defeat enemies, discover secrets. During the experience you can choose between single- and multi-player. Some of our experiences demand you to move actively, and are qualified as a real workout. Confirmed by sport experts!

Our JetZone Open Playground Experience is an open event where you can play different types of games and participate in a competition with other players. There would be up to 6 people in a group within your time-slot. The experience start with 15 minutes introduction level where you would familiarise yourself with JetZone Open World and action mechanics. After you would have some time to relax followed by two more rounds 10 minutes each where you can try different scenarios. After experience end you can go to the shower, enjoy sauna or spend time with friends in a bar.


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